Stealth Sprockets

Stealth Sprockets are manufactured and distributed from the USA and are designed to last three times longer than an all aluminum sprocket with a lighter weight.  This sprocket is designed to be better than steel, with the ability to handle torque and weight in extreme conditions.



These sprockets are guaranteed to outlast, out perform and outshine the competition, with evidence of that with 9 world titles including 2006/7/9/10/11/12 Dakar wins


JT Steel Sprockets

JT Steel Sprockets are manufactured using only the finest grade of C49 high carbon steel for the rear sprockets, and SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for the front sprockets.

PBR Sprockets

PBR Sprockets are manufactured and distributed from Italy.


The rear PBR sprockets are made of steel sheet, special carbon steel C45 or alloy Ergal 7075 T6 according to a grade of duration and lightness requested. First the sheets are sheared by the press and then, in case of alloy, worked on turning-lathe with digital control to be finished in one operation. For the steel we use half-automatic machines in multiple working cycle, after that there is a toothing process and at the end final control and finish. 

The front sprockets are manufactured from the bars cut and then machined on special turning-lathes with digital control which finishes a piece by its own and doesn't request an operator's presence. The cycle is closed in the same way with toothing, final control and finish.
The results of this growing experience in the past years is the quality certification and a save product of superior quality