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Semi-automatic Tyre Changer

Semi-automatic swing arm,
Manual locking swing arm, convenient and fast;
Bigger and thicker machine body with 26” turntable, greatly increase work strength.
Clamping jaws are totally one step die casting, sturdy and durable.
Equipped with high power motor, which increase tyre demount/mount efficiently.
Max working clamping 26”;
Demount/mount head which standard equipped with plastic protector (set) avoiding the metal bird head scratch rims effectively;
Bead breaker shovel can optional equipped with plastic protector avoiding damage rim when pressing the tyre;
Four angles directional adjustable tyre pressing shovel is suitable for pressing various low profile tyres from any angle.
Easy to learn for operation, covers less space.
Quickly demount/mount the tyres saving the working time and improving work efficiency.
Max. Wheel diameter: 1143mm (45″)
Max. Wheel width: 406mm (16″)
Working Pressure: 8-10bar (116 – 145PSI)
Optional Power supply: 220V (1ph/3ph) / 380V (3ph)
Optional Motor power: 0.55 / 0.75 / 1.1kw
Noise Level: <75dB
External locking rim dimensions: 12 ~ 23
Internal locking rim dimensions: 14 ~ 26″
Package overall dimensions: 1130 x 900 x 1050mm
Nett weight /Gross weight: 212 / 240kg


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