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Truck Wheel Balancer

Suitable for tyres of truck and bus.
Memory of measured data and error self-test function.
Various balancing modes for different tyres.
Manually –operated distance and wheel diameter input.
Equipped with brake pedal function to locate the imbalance point accurately.
Deluxe design.Bigger machine cabinet with thicker material.Bigger and higher.
steel bottom stand can protect inside chips from moisture and coldness so as to
make machine running stable.
Pneumatic tyre lifting platform can mount tyre conveniently and balance various
big tyres easily.
Max. wheel weight: 150kg (330 lbs)
Optional power supply: 220v (1/3ph)
Motor power: 0.55 / 0.75kw
Balancing speed: 200 r.p.m
Balancing accuracy: ±1g (±0.04 oz)
Rim diameter: 252 – 610mm (13″ – 24″)
Rim width: 40 – 510mm (1.5 – 20″)
Measuring time: 8s
Noise level: <70dB
Package size: 960 x 1220 x 1190mm
Nett weight / Gross weight: 267 / 310Kg


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