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PBR Sprockets

PBR Sprockets are manufactured and distributed from Italy. The rear PBR sprockets are made of steel sheet, special carbon steel C45 or alloy Ergal 7075 T6 according to a grade of duration and lightness requested. First the sheets are sheared by the press and then, in case of alloy, worked on turning-lathe with digital control to be finished in one operation. For the steel we use half-automatic machines in multiple working cycle, after that there is a toothing process and at the end final control and finish. 

The front sprockets are manufactured from the bars cut and then machined on special turning-lathes with digital control which finishes a piece by its own and doesn’t request an operator’s presence. The cycle is closed in the same way with toothing, final control and finish. The results of this growing experience in the past years is the quality certification and a save product of superior quality

The C45T hardened steel motorcycle crown is the top model of PBR Sprockets for all sports, naked and touring motorcycles, developed alongside MotoGP and Superbike teams. 
To ensure the highest quality level, the C45T crowns are made with careful processing by CNC machines and finished with induction hardening in the tooth area, so as to ensure maximum resistance in the part in contact with the chain. 
The result is a robust, extremely reliable motorcycle wheel with greater durability and long-distance performance. 
The C45T tempered steel crown for PBR road bikes also boasts an excellent quality / price ratio.


  • crown in tempered steel
  • machining with CNC machines
  • quality
  • strength
  • resistance
  • reliabilit

JT Steel SProckets

JT Steel Sprockets are manufactured using only the finest grade of C49 high carbon steel for the rear sprockets, and SCM420 chromoly steel alloy for the front sprockets. 

The steel sprockets PBR for road bikes have become a reference product in the industry due to their robustness and reliability. Two characteristics that derive from the accurate processing and realization in 18NCD5 steel. To drive your bike without problems kilometer after kilometer.


  • steel sprockets
  • quality
  • strength
  • reliability

Ognibene Sprockets

SILENT SPROCKETS gears are the latest innovation from Ognibene’s research and development department.

The rubber profile applied on both sides guarantees noise reduction, which is at least 2 db more than conventional kits, thereby extending transmission life.
Front and rear sprockets in this product range are made exclusively of C45 steel and Chrome / Molybdenum.

All Ognibene gears undergo strict quality control measures to meet the construction specification of motorcycle manufacturers and the demands of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The availability of the gears silent may vary depending on the applications and the toothing.


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